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内容摘要:圭亚那国家元首支持海上丝绸之路零碳绿色产业园建设 及 重审中国公民签证办理,望其刺激旅游业和投资发展Guyana Head of State Favorable to Maritime Silk Road Zero-Carbon Green Industrial ParkAndT...

圭亚那国家元首支持海上丝绸之路零碳绿色产业园建设 及 重审中国公民签证办理,

Guyana Head of State Favorable to Maritime Silk Road Zero-Carbon Green Industrial Park
To Examining Visa Deal for Chinese Citizens to Encourage Tourism and Investment

On June 27 New York
7月27日 纽约
Hilton Hotel,  Organized by Global Future Leader Organization,the first Vice-President and Prime Minister of Guyana, His Excellency, Moses Nagamootoo and his wife was interviewed by Congressman Lester Wolff, the Chief Anchor of Ask Congress TV & Congress Web TV, veteran United Nations reporter Ian William and Reporter of China News Agency Mr. Li.
Questions ranged from the prospects for the new multi-ethnic governing coalition in Guyana to the importance of global institutions like the UN in protecting Guyana against Venezuelan land claims and in developing a green economy in his heavily forested country.
PM Nagamootoo pointed out the opportunity for Chinese expertise and Capital to develop green industries in Guyana while preserving its rain forests to capture carbon. He discussed how Guyana as part of the Caribbean and Latin America could make use of China’s  Maritime Silk Road opportunity, highlighting Guyana’s economy, eco-tourism, green industry innovation, rich mineral resources with its geopolitical position – the only Caricom country on the mainland. Indeed, Guyana hosts the Caricom secretariat and the organization is deeply concerned with the effect of climate change.  Much of the country’s fertile land is below sea level, and other Caricom members are islands also threatened by sea level rise.
PM Nagamootoo put the relationship with China in the context Sino_US relations and looked favorably on suggestions from Chinese especially  a  "Silk Road Green Industrial Park ," emulating China's Shenzhen Special Economic zone. Suggested industrial park projects include:
1) Renewable energy such as hydro power, air power, electric cars, solar energy etc,
1. 再生能源,如水力发电、空气能发电、电动汽车和太阳能等;
2) the financial industry - the establishment of a national fund for Guyana based on global carbon exchanges,
2. 金融产业——立足于全球碳交换的圭亚那国家基金建设;
3) Mining and oil recovery,
3. 矿油采收;
4) eco-tourism, hotel and airline industry
4. 生态旅游业、餐饮业及航空业;
5) agriculture and forestry processing,
5. 农林处理;
6) to bring in the US and Chinese universities with Global Idol context for the United Nations,
6. 引入中美高校暨联合国全球绿色才艺达人大赛;
7) the introduction of natural health industry and treatment technology based on rain forest products and local lore,
7. 基于雨林产品和地方知识,引进自然健康产业及治疗技术;
8) Host any UN Sustainable or Green Conference in Guyana
8. 在圭亚那举办联合国可持续性或绿色会议;
He welcomed the idea of Chinese cultural performances through the region to cement relationships,
PM Nagamootoo declared said he would report to the Congress of Guyana and to examine easing the visa regime for PRC citizens, such as allowing visa-free entry to Chinese citizens with US visas.
These guests commitment reign, will fully cooperation with Guyana and the United States to Promote "Made in America" China " to enter the South American and Caribbean countries, reached a preliminary agreement with his Excellency, His Excellency promise to return home to organize a special working group docking to this initiative and encouraged the two sides signed a comprehensive memorandum of cooperation as soon as the Executive force.
Mr and Mrs Nagamootoo warmly invited all guests to Guyana to study the investment environment, and was agreeable to "the World Sustainable Development Committee for the UN, USC-Culture Industry Found, Corp, Guyana Intercontinental Investment Group, America-Continental Engineer Consulting Company, US Economy & Trade Promotion Center, Inc, People's eyes media corp"  to set up an exploratory team, do the preparatory work as soon as possible. At the meeting, the Prime Minister discussed issues with these American Chinese businessman, American Guyanese Businessman, and youth Representatives from the Global Future Leaders Organization which organized the meeting , PM is interesting  to partner with them to set up a think Tank team for Guyana government.  At the same time, Nicole J. Edwards, the president of Global Future Leader Organization, bring the youth reporter from GFLO to PM with his wife explaining a painting by Harmony Liu who is GFLO little ambassador painted for UN 70's anniversary to promote peace, they are so impressed and sign a quote on the painting.
总理夫妇热情欢迎全国各地的客人前来圭亚那考察投资环境,欢迎世界可持续发展委员会、美国亚太聚会文化基金、圭亚那洲际投资集团、美洲工程咨询公司、美国经济与贸易促进会及人民眼光传媒有限等设立考察团,尽快完成准备工作。会上,总理谈及了中美实业家、美圭实业家及主办方全球未来领袖组织的青少年代表,并有意与其展开合作,为圭亚那政府建立智囊团。同时,全球未来领袖组织主席尼克尔·J·爱德华兹将该组织的少年记者Audrey Zhong介绍给总理夫妇,为其解说曾为联合国70周年献上画作的全球未来领袖组织大使刘格格(Harmony Liu)在联合国七十周年代表儿童颂和平的画作,总理夫妇深受感动,并在画上签名题词。

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